"Thank you so much, Suzanne. You have a real gift." (From my Facebook page)

- Simon Bousquet

Jamais un massage ne m'a fait autant de bien. C'est ce que je recherchais depuis longtemps. Un parfait dosage de force et de douceur. Je recommande Suzanne à tous. Elle est d'une grande gentillesse, humaine, et son métier semble être une réelle vocation. Merci et à très bientôt!

- Simon Bousquet

After an intense workout with a new routine, I suffered major muscle soreness, without noticeable improvement even after several days. Suzanne's treatment made a huge difference. 75% of the pain was gone right after the massage. Everything continued to improve steadily over the next few days. Now I can move comfortably again. What a welcome sensation! Thank you Suzanne!

- M. Dallaire

Thank you Sue so much for your intervention in my dog's health. What I thought was age you accurately perceived as more than that. I am so grateful that in following up on your intuition Rousseau's kidney failure condition was diagnosed and changing his diet has produced remarkable results. Thank you , you have made such a difference in our lives.

- Mel M.

Absolutely the best massage/acupressure treatment ever! Never have I been treated in this way. Somehow, Sue's gentle yet deep steady movements made time slow down and transported me to a calm, soothing, weightless place. This carried into the next day without any kinks or pains. Also, a very professional and welcoming wellness center. I could go on and on...Thank you Sue for the loveliness you shared. I highly recommend an experience with Sue for treatment or to treat yourself.

- Jim Spathis

During and even after my first session with Suzanne, a combo of Ashiatsu and Acupressure, I felt great, really GREAT !!! I did not need to say anything during the massage because Suzanne felt and understood me well and proceeded with an approach and technique that was highly sensitive and strengthful, determined and dedicated, definitive and fulfilling, and ever so all-encompassing ! It was my most complete and unique massage therapy experience to date. Suzanne's therapeutic talents and generous humanity is a precious gift to the world, thank you Suzanne.

- Meiyen

I can hardly believe how great I feel. I was a little sore and achy later on Monday, but by the next day I just had a tiny bit of muscle soreness. I can tell there's still tension in my neck and hips, but it's so much less than it was. Now I feel like I can start to work with it on my own before I see you again. And I feel so much lighter and have more energy. I think the armor has lifted for good. So amazing. Thank you!

- Kandy Schwandt

I've experimented with a few different massage techniques and honestly have to say that Suzanne's Ashiatsu touch was the most relaxing and all encompassing that I've experienced yet. I've never felt so happy and thoroughly satisfied as a customer in pretty much anything. Can't wait to enjoy more. I can move my neck freely from side to side now without any tension. Thanks again.

- Shane Day

Sue was deeply committed to my healing process, greeting me at each session with full attention and keen observation to the work at hand. Although my case is complex, Sue had the love, stamina and a deep knowledge base in order to navigate it with me. Sue was very much an anchor and a guide for me along our five weeks of acupressure together. We worked diligently and patiently on the most subtle yet profound levels, and I was inspired and surprised by Sue's sensitivity and strength. Each session brought new elements to the surface, and the movement of physical pain and disturbance, depression, fear, grief and worry continues to be transformational for me.Our work together - Sue's knowledge and my willingness to listen to the story of my own body - is a real proof that healing and integrating includes profoundly energetic elements. We went there together. Sue's touch has lasted.

- Drew

Très cher Sue! Un gros merci pour tous les bons soins que tu m'as donner pendant ma grossesse. Grâce à toi, j'ai pu profiter de ma grossesse en toute quiétude. Tu as su, grâce à ta douceur et profondeur, calmer bobos et petits tracas, ce qui m'as apporté calme, repos et énergie, afin de bien me préparer à l'accouchement. Chacune de nos séances étaient pour moi un cadeau que je m'accordais, une parenthèse de sérénité dans un monde qui roulait à 100 miles à l'heure. Merci merci merci pour tout et au plaisir de se revoir!!!

- Marie-Claude et Lilou xx

When I came to Suzanne for help with severe hay fever, I honestly did not believe Acupressure could help.  I had tried homeopathy to no avail and many Acupuncture sessions as well.  I am not comfortable with needles and I believe that hindered my receptivity to treatment.
Suzanne treated me in the middle of my most severe hay fever attacks in a decade.  I was short on time that day so Suzanne worked on me for only 30 minutes, targeting my allergic reaction to grass and trees.  Three days later I had one more allergy attack.  That was a big improvement because prior to Suzanne's treatment, I was having five or more a day!  I was waiting for my sensitivity to pollen to act up again however they never did!  They completely stopped in mid allergy season!!
I'd also like to add that Suzanne is herself a very special person.  She is warm, empathetic and patient.  Feeling at ease is an important part of the healing process and Suzanne helped me do just that!
I will be back the next time I need treatment for anything.
Thank you Suzanne!!!

- Jason Goldsmith

Just the right blend of precision and nurturing. Suzanne and Mia offer me a port of call where I can redress whenever is needed; a haven where one rests their burdens to heal in a far-away elsewhere. The benefits increase with use; my treatments became more potent over time.

- Claude Fortin

Familière avec plusieurs formes de massage et moi-même massothérapeute, j’ai expérimenté pour la 1 ère fois le massage Ashiatsu.
C’est un massage profond, intense par endroits et incroyablement relaxant, qui permet à l’esprit de lâcher prise et au corps de se détendre et de s’abandonner complètement.
Suzanne Chan est une thérapiste hautement qualifiée, à l’écoute, sensible et intuitive, qui à l’aide de ses pieds danse sur vos muscles pour les soulager
Du pur enchantement, je vous la recommande fortement!

- Marie D

Un savoir faire hors de l'ordinaire et une compréhension des gens remarquable. Merci.

- Alain D.

I’ve tried several different types of massage therapy in my life…..from Californian to Thai and Swedish massage etc….and once you’ve received an ashiatsu massage properly given by a true professional like Suzanne then you will never go back.
Thank you Suzanne for this wonderfully therapeutic massage and the health benefits it provides. I’ll be looking forward to my next one….see you soon.

- Joe Testolina

Hello! Suzanne
I just wanted to thank you 'cause like I said right after the session: "by far the best massage I've ever received".... and for sure I'll be back for more!!!! Have a nice day and see you soon.

- Patrice Blouin

"Had a massage last night after 2 weeks of PAIN; highly recommend Sue's wonderful healing touch.........my body feels normal again......thank you so much Sue !!" (From my Facebook page)

- Niki Liarikos

It’s the first time I have ever tried Ashiatsu and I was very surprised it can be very soothing and relaxing but I can also feel the therapeutic value of this discipline. Suzanne goes deep in the spots that are needed, I could fully trust her from the first moment, don’t let her size mislead you when she has to apply pressure she will in just the right way she is kind and supportive as well as professional.
I will definitely come and repeat.

I just wanted to let you know that my neck is doing wonderfully I think the effects of the massage were settling in a couple of days after it I really feel like a haven't felt in a long time. Thanks again.

- Mario F.

"Thank you Suzanne for the great massage today! I feel like a million dollars!!! pAt : ) "(From my Facebook page)

- Patrice Désilets

Awesome massage .. not only relaxing but I could feel my body getting realigned as Suzanne did her magic. Highly recommend her services. You are in good hands (and feet) with Suzanne.

- Iain Booth

Thanks so much Suzanne for the best massage that I get in my life!
you are amazing! (from my Facebook page)

- Maribel Lara

Suzanne's ashiatsu provide me relief from debilitating pain and neurological numbness, conditions I have as a result of a neck injury. With care and patience, her practice is skilled tension relieving manipulations that get to the core of your being. I am amazed by the gentleness of the treatments and the control she has over it, and the sensitivity to feel where tension is held; the deep tissue massage there provides relief, in waves. It has the power to help me transcend physical pain and tension towards a very relaxed state.

- Matthew Kennedy

Merci Suzanne pour l'excellent traitement, tes conseils, ton écoute et ton accueil chaleureux. Tu es vraiment passionnée. On va se revoir car je viens d'acheter 2 autres massages Ashiatsu! Je recommande tes services à tous ceux qui cherchent une thérapeute qui va les aider à prendre leur santé en main.

- Lyssa Bélanger

I had a football accident when I was 17, since then I tried everything but nothing worked. So I had a sciatic nerve pinch until I went to your ashiatsu massage. The first time, it took me 3 days to recuperate, it eliminated 90% of my pain, it actually felt like a ghost my pain. So I went a second time and then voilà, no more pain, tx Sue. Be well as I am ; )

- S. Masson

J'ai eu le vrai bonheur de me faire traiter par Suzanne durant ma grossesse et après mon accouchement difficile. Ses mains magiques ont su me calmer dans un premier temps et me guérir par la suite. Elle apaise, comprend le corps. Je suis très impressionnée par la lecture qu'elle a fait de moi en si peu de traitement. Suzanne est calme, souriante, compétente et vraiment à l'écoute. Merci beaucoup.

- Julie Roussel

If you are looking for a unique massage experience, look no further than Suzanne Chan. With the use of her feet and weight she can go as soft or as hard as you want. She is very professional and knowledgeable, so I felt safe and relaxed during the massage. She has a special kind of soothing energy and ability to listen that is a rare find. You're not rushed before, during, or after the massage. I recommend her!

- Jana D.

I have been going to Suzanne for the past two months for a couple of reasons: I was hoping to reduce my moodiness, stress level, and pelvic pain caused by a cyst in my ovary through Suzanne's acupressure treatments. I am happy to say that after several visits my expectations were met! I no longer feel my cyst and I'm less moody.

Suzanne is very intuitive – she asked me several questions during my first session and knew exactly the points she needed to focus on from then on. There were many times when Suzanne found spots on my body that were very sore- without me having to clearly express where I felt pain. After doing a couple of acupressure sessions and knowing about the pain I felt on my back, Suzanne suggested that I try a mixed treatment that included acupressure and ashiatsu. I love that she customized her treatment according to what she thought would be best for me. The ashiatsu treatment was very relaxing and I was so amazed at how Sue was able to get to spots with her feet. It's been a great treat for my body. Aside from her skills, I also go back to Sue because she is kind and generous.

- Mona

"I recommend Sue to anyone who has ailments and seeks resolution. Her gifts in touch are incredible and you feel the difference alms instantly." (From my Facebook page)

- Angeles St Michael

"Highly recommended! Sue is a wonderful, brilliant, knowledgeable healer and an all-around amazing person." (From my Facebook page)

- Shira Avni

Merci Suzanne pour les soins apportés à mon cou. C'est la première fois que je reçois un massage qui cible véritablement mon problème et tu as su le faire avec patience, écoute et précision, dans une atmosphère de relaxation et de calme. Je me sens déjà mieux après une séance et j'ai hâte de poursuivre le traitement!

- Alexandra

I have tried acupuncture in the past for months and I never felt as good as after my 1st acupressure session with Suzanne. I felt peaceful and relaxed, I slept like a baby! I couldn't stop talking about how great it was. A few of my friends will be booking their appointments because I couldn't stop bragging at how great it felt. Thank you Suzanne. Can't wait for my next session!

- Eva
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